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It’s not a secret that Amsterdam is well-known as an artistic and multicultural city. Every part of this city is quite attractive and has its own character. Moreover, there are many restaurants and bars to indulge your culinary curiosity. Despite all the excitements this city has to offer, there is a wide selection of hotels in Amsterdam. In some cases, the hotel's location is somewhat unique that appears as a key attraction itself. 


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 Top Class Luxury in the Heart of the City


Located in the Canal Ring center, De L’Europe offers advanced in-room furniture as well as excellent facilities such as a private jetty, indoor pool, and Turkish baths. This hotel is just a few steps away from the Dam Square and the Royal Palace. You can simply choose to do your own tour or book the recommended tour package. A stay in this hotel means that you will grab your pocket deeper as this hotel will cost you slightly higher than nearby hotels, but it’s all definitely worth it.


First Class Stay in the Middle of Vibrant Community

In addition to a furnished, deluxe style room and designer toiletries, Okura Hotel Amsterdam also offers complete amenities such as indoor pool and spa, massage treatment, sauna, and Jacuzzi. This hotel lays in the middle of 'De Pijp', the vibrant district in Amsterdam with its melting pot of cultures and nationalities. You can explore the various cafes and restaurants that serve the Amsterdam’s best ethnic culinary. The hotel also nears the largest markets in the city, Albert Cuyp Market. Whether you are looking for fresh foods or local souvenirs, the market is ready to accommodate your needs.


Stay Adjacent To the Most Beautiful Garden in the World

Located in Lisse, Keukenhof Park is an iconic place in Netherlands where you can enjoy the panoramic scenery of the blossomed colorful Tulips. In addition, you will feel the refreshing pure air from the surrounding area. Situated just 15 minutes driving distance from the Keukenhof Park, is the Holiday Inn Leiden. This classy hotel offers facilities such as indoor pool, sauna, gym, free parking, Wi-Fi and bike rental for an exciting casual tour. If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam city center, here is the perfect choice to stay.


Experience the Economical Yet Cozy Stay with Airbnb Rental

When you are traveling with a group of friends or family, you can consider to renting B&B accommodations via Airbnb. With rate around $ 100 USD/night, you will have a nice and cozy housing with accommodating service. Most of the B&B properties feature more than one bedroom, full set kitchen, fridge, spacious living room and patio. The city center is the most favorite place for B&B rental since it provides the best value of money and location. You can explore the city all day but still can manage to get back to your nearby lodging effortlessly.


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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Amsterdam is a home for renowned historic museums and charming canal sightseeing. Nonetheless, it is still less frequented than other touristy cities in Europe, such as Paris and Rome. In fact, Amsterdam offers a lot more than meets the eye. Here are some unique experiences you can try to make your journey an unforgettable one.  

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Explore the City the Local Way


Cycling is the preferred transportation among Amsterdam’s residents. Many hotels in Amsterdam offer bicycle rental with reasonable rate, so you can freely explore the city without budget restraints. Amsterdam has a very thorough map and directions; hence, don't worry about getting lost in this city’s dynamic activity. If you want to feel the fresh air and see stunning natural scenery with less crowded traffic, you can ride your bike in the suburban part of the city.

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Work Your Charm to Bargain at the City’s Markets


Amsterdam is famous with its lively outdoor markets that offer not only fresh foods but also wide range selections of souvenirs and handy crafts. Located in vibrant De Pijp, the Albert Cuyp Market is the cheapest and biggest market in the city. You can find several other attractive markets in every part of the city. At those markets, you can try the tasty local treats such as fine cheese, pressed flavored waffle or raw herring.  

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Discover the Enchanted Street Graffiti Throughout the City


In some areas, the government supports the local artists to express their creativity through wall painting. At Zeeburgerdijk, you will be amazed by the handsome and original murals. Mostly painted with bold colors and contemporary style, the artists deliver youthful spirit through their murals, as well as a symbol of their boundless ideas. What make these murals very unique are the painting media, which are old empty buildings, doors, fences, and gates.  

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Find Your Nightlife Getaway in Close Vicinity


Immerse yourself in the never-ending Netherlands nightlife. As a home of authentic, globally-renowned beer, there’s no place to hang out better than Amsterdam’s local bars and cafĂ©. You also might have a chance to get acquainted with new friends from all over the world.   

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Stay in Amsterdam


Finding accommodation in Amsterdam is as easy as a mouse-click. Whether a first-class hotel or a homey lodge to rest your head, you can stay within your budget. No matter where you stay, you can find restaurants and bars within close distance. Amsterdam is a tourist friendly city with various kinds of comfortable public transportation such as bus, metro, and train. It only takes 15-20 minutes to drive from the Schipol airport to Central Station. To make your stay more valuable, find out beforehand what events will be held in Amsterdam, so you can plan your trip wisely.

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