Sunday, February 15, 2015

10 Unforgettable Romantic Activities In Bali

Bali is popularly known as a heaven for honeymooners or couple who want to strengthen their love bond. Make sure that you will try one or more of these unique and romantic activities when you spend your holiday with your loved one in Bali.

1. Biking in Ubud

Bike downhill together with your loved one in the morning and get the sensational feeling of Ubud’s refreshing scent while riding the bike across the beautiful rice field terrace.

Photo via Bali Activities

2. Play kites at Sanur beach

Challenge your bargaining skill at Sukawati market to buy a pair of colorful kites then play them along with your loved one in Sanur Beach. It’s always good to get back to your childhood and laugh at each other’s foolishness.
Photo by The Poe Log

3. Rent a motorcycle and drive along Ubud

It feels like forever when you sense the body of your soul mate get so close with you when riding the motorcycle across the amazing scenery of Ubud.
Photo via An Epic Education

4. Climb Mount Batur

Watch the sunrise at the summit of Mount Batur with its amazing lake scene is a must to do activity with your soul mate. Don’t worry that the hiking tired feeling will ruin your romantic moment since the climb is not too physically demanding.
Photo by Robert Tickell via

5. Hang out at Kubu private beach

If you are the guest of Ayana Resort and Spa, never get satisfied with their inside hotel facilities only. Their shuttle will take you to their private beach (Kubu beach) only in 5 minutes. Refreshing welcome drink, complete amenities and comfy bench are already waiting for both of you to explore the beach.

Photo via Ayana Resort

6. Learn Balinese traditional dance

Fill your memorable moment with learning some basic moves of wonderful Balinese dance. It feels so right to let your body move and follow the energetic rhythm of the Gamelan music.

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7. Candle light dinner at Jimbaran Beach

Indulge your romantic dinner experience with a wide selections of fresh seafood cuisine while enjoying the various songs from local musicians. Combined with the sound of the Jimbaran beach as the natural instrumental touch, this definitely will make your night unforgettable.

Photo via Balinese Tour

8. Release baby turtle to the sea.

Want to be the part of conservation movement? This is it. Both of you can play an important role to sustain the turtle life while waiting the sunset in Kuta beach.
Photo via Nikko Bali

9. Make trip to Lembongan Island

Swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just sun bathing in a white sand and vivid aqua blue beach, those just such a dream until you reach Lembongan island, a small island at the southeast part of Bali. The beach is quieter than any other beach in Bali, so surely will guarantee your romantic moment there.

Photo via Apel Photography

10. Book yoga couple retreat

Want to challenge your body flexibility and get relaxed with your loved one? Then book a yoga session for couple. Yoga retreat is a perfect choice to recharge your intimate moment after some hectic activities.

Photo via Conrad Bali
Still trying to find out the best way to make an unforgettable romantic getaway with your loved one? Just pack your bag right now and fly to Bali, these above activities are already waiting for you!!

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